Editor Crash After Moving GameMode Blueprint

After moving gamemode blueprint to a new location it loses setting in Project Setttings → Maps and Modes and when trying to reset default gamemode again it will show “Rebuilding Class Hierarchy” for up to 30 seconds then crash.

Hi ModeSix,

Have you upgraded to 4.8.2 yet? Can you reproduce this in a new project, or only your current project?

Please copy information in Crash Reporter window when this crash occurs and paste it here. Then, and attach crash log from project, which can be found in your project’s Saved\Logs folder. Thanks!

Hi ,

Yes I have upgraded to 4.8.2. This error occurred in both 4.8.1 and 4.8.2 in multiple projects.

No crash reporter window actually appears when this happens, editor just hard exits without interaction.

I am attaching crash log as you’ve asked as well as log when it finally didn’t crash when trying to set data.

Crash Logs

Hi ModeSix,

It does appear this is a similar crash to one we fixed in UE-17673, though hotfix implemented in 4.8.2 didn’t catch all instances. This is fixed in our internal release branch, however, so it will no longer occur in next major release (probably 4.9).

It looks like this only happens after moving GameMode or GameInstance to a new folder location, so avoiding that is best option when possible. If not, open DefaultEngine.ini file for project (in project’s Config folder) and search for GlobalDefaultGameMode. Change folder location to None. Now you should be able to change it to correct location in editor (Project Settings > Maps & Modes).

Hope that helps! Thanks for report.

Great, thanks for response and help . Appreciated.