Editor crash after deleting blueprint referenced in another one

I stumbled upon this bug while working on my project and I could re-produce it twice in blank and my project.
Steps to achieve it:

  1. Create two blueprints e.g. blueprint A and B
  2. Create vairable referencing to blueprint B in blueprint A
  3. Drop it into EventGraph
  4. Force delete blueprint B (It closes blueprint A)
  5. After trying to open blueprint A you get editor crash

After crash opening it again doesn’t crash editor.
Crash occours on version 4.7.6

Hey ,

Thank you for noticing this issue with 4.7.6. I have been able to reproduce this in-house. This specific bug has been corrected in our internal updated version of the editor. With that being said, this fix will be released in the future however, I do not have an estimated time frame on that release.

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile: