Editor Context Menu search not automatically focused anymore

Since last update, when opening the Blueprint Context Menu, Variable Type Context Menu, etc…
The search bar is not focused anymore. This means I need to click inside it to type something.

I use Unreal Engine 4 on a Mac, maybe it’s only related to OSX.

Sorry it it was already reported, but I did not find anything on this subject

Hi Nordhal Mabire,

I have reported this bug as JIRA [UE-29885]. When new information becomes available, we will add it to this post to keep you updated.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,


Same issue with the Linux Version, running 4.11.2.

I’ve added this information to the Bug report.

Same as UE-29024 - vote for both in JIRA!

Here’s UE-29885 in JIRA

This has been verified fixed and expected to be included in the official 4.13 release.