Editor commands API\Console\Scripting (Maya-like)

When it comes to procedural generation or other repetitive actions, sometimes you have to repeat some manual input to iterate through generation actions. Example: I need to generate 9 volumes of different foliage. If I generate (resimulate) more than 9 volumes 25x2000x126, the Editor crashes. I have to Resimulate one, wait for generation, select other 9 volumes, Resimulate. I have 40 sets of 9 volumes.

The idea is that: remember Maya? Any action in Maya editor is reflected as a Python\Mel command in a console. Whatever you perform in the editor, you can always look up the console, see your action as a command, and copy it. then you can paste it into the console and hit enter. The action gets performed without manual input. Basically, you can write a complex script of actions. This can generate anything you want, including paused events, etc.

If UE Editor could have the console with all the Editor input\actions, I could write a script, that iterates through 40 sets of 9-volume foliages with a pause between them and save level. I could leave my PC to iterate it for 9 hours. Come back from work and have my 4000x4000 procedural map resimulated without attending it every 30-60 minutes.

Is it theoretically possible?

I think every Maya user wants that when they use another software, pretty difficult to see that in UE honestly, but you have 3 types of sauces:

1.- You can use the widget reflector, which is the closest thing to what you have in Maya, it will tell you which .cpp has the implementation of that widget and usually you can track what is the function is calling, it is pretty straightforward once you get the trick and the best way you will find to understand UE’s source code.

2.- You have Python 3.x now, the task you described sounds like Py boring type of task.

3.- Widget blueprints, This is my preferred method for those tasks, blueprints can be used to perform repetitive tasks like yours, plus you can create a pretty interface quickly, then you can have a tool forever.

As a Maya user from a while ago, I would say it would be cool to have it, but if you know the tricks of UE, it is not necessary since UE has now a wide set of tools to create more tools

Thanks for the explanations, ZkarmaKun!

This all sounds awesome. It would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of blueprint\widget that can control the editor. I tried accessing the “Resimulate” button from blueprints, but failed, the editor interface seemed fully absent in blueprint. Any example or link to other similar project will be a huge help.

@ZkarmaKun thank you so much! I’ve read through your post attentively and gave it another try, watched this video
And then YAY! I’ve found that bloody “Resimulate” :slight_smile: Now I just need to create a good function with it.