Editor causing GPU to heat up for no reason


Having primarily worked in Unity, I recently installed Unreal to test it out.
I own a Surface Book 2 with GTX 1060, which functions as my work laptop and while it runs Unity perfectly silent even during real-time play-testing, it revs up the fans as the GPU heats up dramatically after just 1-2 minutes in a template scene in Unreal editor.

I tried googling to see what is wrong, some suggested setting max fps through console, which I tried, yet the fps counter still showed 60fps for the scene viewport. I disabled real-time thumbnails, no help there. I turned off real-time updating of the viewport, still did not help. I lowered render settings down from epic, to high, to medium and finally to low, no difference.
Not entirely sure what is going on or is it just suppose to be like this?

UE4 is pretty heavy, both in terms of CPU and GPU performance, whereas your average or blank Unity project is not - I suspect UE4 is using the GTX1060, but Unity is using the CPU onboard.

To be honest, I suspect the problem is simply the Surface Book, which has known sporadic overheating problems involving the GPU :confused:

I see.
Would you know why limiting max fps in viewport is not actually working?
I tried typing it both in console and placing it in the config file, to no avail.
Still runs 60fps, presumably matched by refresh rate, meaning there is a sync lock too.

A while back (around UE 4.1) I had SLI setup. And unreal engine (editor and standalone) projects were only application that would push my setup to the limits. It just got very high fps, utilizing 100% of both GPUs. So only solution was limiting FPS.

You should try throttling FPS in NVIDIA panel, some cards have this in drivers.

I will give this a try, thank you.