Editor Camera

Hi! I’m trying to switch to the unrial engine for the third time, and every time I encounter a camera problem in the editor (

how to turn on the orthographic mode of the camera, so that you would not only look from above or from the side, but also fully move at any angle

this feature is available in all 3D editors, how to do it in the engine engine?

Viewport Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation

aa? where orthographic main camera?

how this work in unity Screenshot-54 — ImgBB

this in blender Screenshot-55 — ImgBB

It’s where I showed you. That’s how you do ortho in UE.

The wireframe can be changed to ‘lit’ etc.

You can make once ortho view take up the whole viewport…

i cnow how to set top, left,…
how rotate camera in this window?

Yup, you can’t - sorry… :-/