Editor camera too fast when streaming UE through a remote mechanism

I’m trying to use UE4.27 through remote desktop protocol (tried 4.26 on Windows and linux same problem). The transform tools are fine but when I move the editor camera around it is extremely fast even if i set camera speed to 1.0 (it won’t let me set this below 1.0).

My assumption is the camera integrates an acceleration value and since remote viewing does not produce a smooth stream of mouse values, the camera thinks it is moving very fast.

Can someone point me to the source code for the Editor where I can dive into that and see what can be done about it?

Partially solved, the mouse speed in the Viewport tool bar top right is not doing what it needs to. Instead, Edit → Preferences → Viewport mouse sensitivity

Still has broken navigation input from mouse, spins around axis, flips, etc.