Editor bug ? editing spawned actors on creation

for some reason i can no longer change vars by following method ?

in following i can no longer set GalaxyRotSpeed by same method as seen when i search for vars, i think it is only some vars that cant be edited though

this doesnt just effect this blueprint as well

NOTE: i set this up in a previous engine version


Hi bennetherwood,

If you’ve upgraded to 4.6, you’ll need to make any Blueprint variables you are casting to from other Blueprints are set to Editable. Let me know if that doesn’t help!

ah yeh ! and thanks, yeah sorted, and im guessing this isnt an issue from old builds where casting vars if there not editable i.e. it still works for already made unedited casts ?

I haven’t seen any problems with vars that are cast to with old method when carrying project to 4.6; it seems to only affect context menu when searching for vars in other BPs, otherwise 4.6 would break soooo many projects. If you want to avoid confusion, you could set old cast-to variables to Editable, but that’s totally optional.

As a side note, I just received some information today about how this should work in 4.7, and it seems it will be closer to old way. Keep an eye on release notes for that when it is released! It shouldn’t affect any changes you make to suit 4.6, though, so no worries.