Editor assets

Im not sure where to ask this question so Im placing it here.
Let me know if there is a better forum section for it.

Ive been building a project, and for the first stages have been using a variety of the editors static meshes as placeholders. For things like flat planes to display a selection circle, or a sphere for a ball of light that floats or guides the player.

Eventually I will replace most of these things with a more complex mesh, but for some a simple plane or sphere is enough. If I intend to sell commercially, will I need to replace the editor provided static meshes with my own? or are those assets free to use(creative commons)?

It’s not a big deal if I have to build my own, but I want to be thorough just to make sure I understand what is allowed regarding use of editor assets.

Any content you obtain from epic launcher, and / or comes shipped with editor are covered by the EULA (they are), you are allowed to make games using them. The only exception is you should never distribute raw content (eg things you got from marketplace) you must always release the game in cooked format (those assets can no longer be load in editor).