Editor and EditorPlay lag

Hey all,

So I have a map made in engine 4.14 made with world composition. The map is roughly 12-15 km on each side. I am using the kite demo landscape material which auto puts out grass and the cliff textures. There’s no problem, no lag at all, but I wanted to upgrade to 4.17 so I could use the river shader tool on the ue4 marketplace. This is where the problem comes in, I upgraded the engine version and now when I open up the map it lags like crazy in the editor and even more when I go to play in the editor.
I know this is not a computer spec issue because there is no lag in the 4.14 version. If anyone has an idea of what the issue may be, let me know.


It sounds like the only difference between the two projects is the import of the river shader tool and the upgrade to version 4.17, if this is correct there are really only 2 possibilities that i am aware of.

  1. the river shader tool is very heavy (i’ve not used it, so don’t know) and is causing your system to lag. or
  2. either the 4.17 upgrade or something within the river shader tool is broken and is causing the system to do something badly.

create a 4.17 project then bring in the assets one at a time, see when the lag starts, that will tell you exactly where your issue is.

Alright thanks, I will try this

Is the lag present without you even integrating the river shader? Or afterwards?

It is present before I add the river shader as well as after. Alright so I think I may have found the real issue. I created a new project and added a large landscape, did some sculpting, added the river and nothing. So next I added the kite demo assets to the project and added the Landscape material to it ad BOOM it starts to lag. Now this strikes me as strange because in my first project in 4.14 I have a very large landscape (25 KM across the longest stretch) and there is not one hint of lag at all. So I’ve ruled out the river shader, and brought in the Kite Demo Landscape material.