Editing Widgets in the UMG Editor needs better Select capability

It’s really a great PITA to edit widgets that are partially or totally overlapping. for instance when you have a border and subordinate a slider, its impossible to click on the border to drag it with the slider. You always hit the slider and drag it out which automatically disconnects it from it’s parent.
When clicking on the border in the hierarchy view, its a hit and miss game to go back and click on the green line to actually drag the border. In 90% of the time you click in the slider and mess up the selection.
Also, when you have widgets in a canvas, often you click the canvas per accident and then drag it around and have to go through undo.

It would be good if a widget could be frozen like in 3DS so that it can not be selected anymore

Another major improvement would be if two or more selected widgets could be aligned right, left, top or bottom as well as made to be of equal size

On the TODO list!

You should consider using layout panels to accomplish these things. Vertical box for left/right/center. Horizontal for top, bottom, center. Uniform grid panel for equal sizing.

If we made these options UI buttons, they’d only work on the canvas, and they’re not a good solution for easy changes later for localization. Using a layout panel defines the effect you want clearly for future additions, and grows or shrinks when you localize text.

Yes, but sometimes the widgets you want to align are not side by side filling out a cohesive space. Sometimes you have tioehr widgets in between but want to lign up some widgets on a common line.