Editing Unspawned Object Class variables

Hey there!

Basically I want to create something similar to the way AI Perception component handles it’s configs. In the image below, you can select a sense config class and then edit its variables within the Blueprint Editor itself.

Anyone know how to do this?


Looking on the code there is no custom setup here, it’s a specifier “Instanced” in UPROPERTY() that makes it work that wat. Not sure if you can do this in blueprint but search something by that name, if not that means this is C++ only, then you need to create base class in C++ with that specifier.

But thanks i didn’t know about this specifier, it’s gonna be useful for me too :slight_smile:

Thanks! I searched and I think there’s no Instanced specifier equivalent for blueprints. I do know that there is a CreateObjectFromClass node though. Can I use this to acheive a similar effect by essentially instancing an object inside an actor’s constructor?