Editing Unreal Engine Metahuman DNA File


I made a prototype tool that can read and modify expression information in metahuman’s dna file in Maya.

This tool can extract transforms of Corrective Expressions (PSDs) associated with Raw Control Expressions. Also, It can modify the position of expression joints, regenerate the DNA file, and reload it.


This is super cool! Have you posted it anywhere for download? I’d love to test it out!

thanks for your sharing,
To my limited knowledge(from the doc), the sculpt process in MHC is based on the large data base, meaning each adjustment we made(e.g. drag a feature point ) will be regarded as a change of reference in that data base.
That makes me curious of your workflow. for exaple, you can generate a NEW DNA file even if the distortion of joints are extremely exaggerate. So what suppose to be inside this NEW DNA file since there is nothing likely to refer from the database? Or did I just misunderstand the usage of DNA file here?
Any info will be appreciated!

Super cool work, where can i download it and have a try or would you like to sell a copy or a license?

That’s literraly the tool I need.
Is there any way to contact you and get acces to the tool ?