Editing Unreal Engine 4 rendering pipeline

Hello everyone…

We are currently working on using Unreal Engine 4 as a streaming platform. So instead of the game rendering on the screen of the system, streams that online to the browser.

So, the current engine would work similar to a dedicated server having no display on the system it is running instead, the display would be streamed online.

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Hi, do you want to just stream gameplay to the web browser, as a video, from dedicated server or do you want to render gameplay on the client web browser?

For now, just stream the gameplay to the webrowser.

I did actually thought about sending the data and rendering on the webrowser but I feel it would need a large amount of work for that.

Not a pro myself but, that would actually be a lot easier. If you could build your game client as HTML5 project and distribute to viewers as web browser “game/ renderer”. And server side version could be just a dedicated server and all data could be replicated between server and clients as it’s done in multiplayer games. However, if you want to have a streaming solution, my idea would be, to have non server game (stadalone game client) or listen server (because you would need a renderer) running on a remote machine. And I think there could be a plugin made for the engine that takes visual data from the game renderer (like from Buffer mybe) and converts it to stream able video format on the fly. And as a final step, you would need a distribution network that would deliver the video data to all the connected clients in real time. Like Twitch does it, streamer has a game running on their machine and recording software that captures game client output and sends video data to Twitch server’s, for distribution to all viewers. The second solution would be complex and very expensive. As an alternative you could use same software, used by Twitch streamers to capture and distribute video data. Sorry for the long reply :slight_smile:

Well when he mentioned the client doing the rendering, I meant that he was planning to do half of the rendering on the server side and half of the rendering on the client side. Which I imagine would be a huge pain to do.
The goal is to is to make the game render on the server.

As for the 2nd solution taking the data from the game renderer is exactly what I am looking for. And yes I know its a complex process. But I am ready to hear the time and cost.
We have tried 3rd party solutions and the results were not optimal and we want to reduce some load from the server itself by doing that so there is no game display running.

BUMP still looking…

BUMP Still looking

I have no idea about rendering, but couldn’t you just take the EndScene() Buffer, apply a compression codec and transfer it like a video?
That’s pretty much how fraps & co is working. Hooking the EndScene of the renderer.

That sounds really easy. In which class can I find the function?
An additional thing I want is UE4 not to render on my screen so we can save some processing power that way.

BUMP still looking.