Editing transform in details doesn't update gizmo

If you select an object in the scene and modify it’s position from the details panel, the transform gizmo is not updated until you deselect/reselect.

Is this supposed to be a feature?

Hi Kylawl,

I just tested this in a build of 4.4.1, but the widget moves with the mesh in the viewport once I hit enter after putting in the value. Which version of the engine are you using when the error occurs? Does it happen with any specific objects? Any additional details may help.

It happens on any actor in the map.

I’m actually on an old(ish) preview build CL 2026164

… And on the latest release preview it’s fixed again… Sorry, ignore me.

This issue seems to have regressed in 4.5

I just tried this in 4.5.1 and once I hit enter, my mesh adjusted into the new position I typed in. Can you tell me if it is still happening in 4.5.1 for you and if so, please let me know your exact repro steps so that I may investigate further.

Hi , you’re right it’s fixed again in 4.5.1.



Hi , I have a bit more info on this.

It just so happens that it isn’t exactly the bug I thought. It happens when you have Realtime turned off in the viewport