Editing the supply drops

So I’ve reworked all of the supply drop spawns, but when I load the mod in the game, it does not actually have any of the drops I’ve placed. I have the sublevel map for the supply drops in my mod folder… is there something else that I need to do to change these?

I also plan on going into the dino spawns, but I have alot more work to do before I get into all of that. Is this something that’s even possible, or is it a pipe dream that involves editing the scripts (which we can do yet)?

The sublevel for the dino spawns/supply drops must actually be placed in the level (if you are wanting to change the locations of the drops) if you are only interested in changing the loot tables then you simply remap the supply drops. So say you want to change the drop locations on the island, you ensure you have the Levels window open (Window > Levels) then edit or replace the sublevel for dino spawns. There may be more information about editing sublevels in brick’s video tutorials.

Yea, I had changed the sublevels (I wanted to do that instead of remapping because you can enable spawns with the supply drop), but that was having no effect for some reason.

So by, “the sublevel for the dino spawns must actually be placed in the level” do you mean I need to make a copy of the island, and a copy of the dinospawn sublevel and drag the dino spawns into my island level?

If you are trying to update TheIsland, you must copy TheIsland in to your mod folder, then open the main umap in the editor, open the levels window, then either delete (select it and press the delete key) and replace by dragging in your new level you’ve made or just edit that sublevel. Then you will bake your mod with your TheIsland in the directory.

well ****… I didn’t know there WAS a levels window…

And my retarted self deleted my whole sublevel already because I thought it wasn’t possible to update theilsland map yet.

Thank you so much man!!!

Unlike changing blueprints, big map changes that the mods implent in future updates may be hard to include - but if you only mess with say a sublevel you can always just download the new dev kit, copy over TheIsland, open it up, delete the stock sub level, and copy back in your new one and save your mod anytime there is a map update.

That’s funny!!

I’ve had a few “ah ha” moments as well. The answer always seems obvious after you get it.

I have absolutely no map editing capabilities at all, so I will definitely stick with the sublevels only… lol

Seriously though, thank you so much for all the great info!

No problem - I was awfully confused when I looked at TheIsland before and saw everything separate. It made no sense to me how one would be able to get everything to line up without seeing it all as one piece.