Editing the Details of individual static meshes that have been converted to a larger static mesh

I can’t figure out how to edit the Details of a static mesh once it has been converted to a larger static mesh. Example: I put several static meshes into my UR scene. I then selected them all, converted them into one single static mesh. But now I want to edit the Details of just one of those included static meshes. How do I get to its individual Details information?

@johncorbitt I think you’re scuppered, I’m afraid. You might be able to do something with Mesh Tool ( or another mesh editor ), but otherwise you have to make it again.

I had a development phase where I needed to merge meshes. I ended up making levels just to keep copies of the unmerged meshes in case I had to go back to them. Which I did, a lot…

Merging static meshes is a way to reduce draw calls. It should be used when needed. That is what HLOD and Proxy LOD are all about. You have to decide before if you need those or not. Having 3 to 5 LOD levels for static meshes without using HLOD and Proxy LOD features could be enough for most games. Also when using destructibles it could be impossible to properly use HLOD and so on or that might require custom written code to be achieved.