Editing static meshes imported from Revit

Hi guys. I’m basically new at this. Trying to learn modeling walkmode/VRmode in Unreal, using Datasmith export to Unreal. I’m using Collab viewer template in 4.23 which has already walkmode and VR mode. So I tried importing Revit template model, and basically I got building in without collisions so I played a bit with that and managed to add some, but problem appears when I try to import model of house that I made and first of all when I try to edit static mesh to add collision, for example walls, only glowing sphere appears that with time becomes very bright. Why I’m not able to see wall model in editor yet when I click on window to edit it appears perfectly fine in editor? Also if there is someone who has workflow revit - unreal, do you have any tips or tricks?

Best Regards