Editing, spawn points, drop pods, engrams, ui, etc - what is the idea ? workflow


So as in topic title. I want to change these things.

I want to upload that later to my server so that when players join in they got updates stuff. How am I to go about it.

Do I need 2 mods? 1 for server 1 for client?

Any hints, suggestions would be great.

You’ll make just one mod – it’ll work on both Server and Client – and that will be a Core Game Data mod, which we’ll describe the workflow for in the v185 update tomorrow that will support such non-Map Mods :slight_smile:

I love you. So spawn point is non-map mod?

Jezz feel like xmas waiting for santa. I want it to be tomorrow already @_@

All mods which not use a map is a non-map mod :wink: