Editing object properties over reference/ inline editing?

Is there a functionality or a plugin that allows you to edit the properties of an object as soon as you have the object reference in the editor?

Here is an example what I mean:

You can see two windows of Data Assets, one being based on a blueprint called Mission, with its instance TestMission to the left, the other one being based on a blueprint Objective, with its instance to the right called TestObjective. If you ever worked with Data Assets, you know how tedious they are, as you have to create a new instance every time you want to add a new one, obviously.

Now is there a plugin or an editor functionality that allows you to

A.) Edit an object if you see an object reference in the editor? In the example above, you would be able to edit Description property of TestObjective when editing the TestMission object, because you have an object reference to it. In Unity, some creators call this ‘editor inline editing’.

B.) Add a new object at a specified path when the reference point to ‘None’?

Do you know if such a functionality or plugin exists or how one would avoid running into the problem of tediously creating assets one by one to eventually connect them?