Editing Meshes Question

Hello community,

I haven’t been doing much over the last week as the real world has kept me pretty busy. So, last night after finally being able to sit down and play around a bit, I decided I would try my hand at adding new meshes using blender. Alright, a little back story on myself, I’ve never really done 3D modeling. I have dabbled here and there (I believe the last 3D modeling software I used was Anim8or if anyone remembers that one from several years ago) so it really isn’t my strong suit, but I do pride myself on being a fast learner. I basically figured everything I have so far in the DevKit in about 2 weeks. So without tutorials I figured out how to manipulate shapes and what not, add vertices and faces, etc. Yet, it still seemed like a lot of work when all I’m really wanting to do is add a new class of armor. So I decided to just export the mesh of the hide pants and play around with it. So, finally, here’s my question. Is the mesh supposed to look like this? CapturePants.PNG Once again, not much experience and when this popped up, it caused confusion and slight terror. Perhaps it may be better for me to stick to the editing and data manipulation since that seems to be where I excel. Anyway, sorry for the long rant. Just very curious. Thanks.


That does look wild, and it had been a while since I had used blender, so I had to check it out to be sure, but that is indeed what I see upon import of male_leatherpants. I didn’t expect it to display quite that way, but the ‘extra’ parts you are seeing in addition to the pants are the joints of the skeleton used in the game. All armor items are rigged and skin weighted in Ark. The exception is headgear - it commonly uses sockets instead of joints, but some hats do have joints, like the burlap hat.


I’m not entirely familiar with blender, but that looks like it might not have importerd/exported correctly. Even using Maya (what StudioWildcard uses) it can be tricky to get the file in correctly, and even more importantly, exported correctly. I would check on the UE4 forums for blender support. The 2 meshes that I have seen have come from programs other than blender, so I don’t know how much help you will actually be able to get form here.

Appreciate the responses. Guess it’s time to go answer hunting. Any suggestions on a program to use that doesn’t cost a half months income?

I know UE4 can work with blender, there’s bound to be required plugins and VERY specific “boxes” to check or leave un-checked. If I had any experience in 3d modelling I would be more than happy to give you assistance, but my experience is very lacking in that.

That will be something to look into. Didn’t get to mess with it anymore today. Had problems with the devkit so I had to reinstall, then I spent half the day doing maintenance on my desktop. Hopefully get some time tomorrow (or today, however you want to look at it). Thanks for the suggestion.

What Blender Version do you use? I know how to import it right with the last Blender Version:
wrong import:
open up the importer, and search for:
Enable the "Automatic Bone Orientation
now it work:

Nice tip MRRadioactiv - thank you :slight_smile: