Editing Inventory Struct Variable

When dealing with arrays of structs you need to use Set Array Element. I know it was like this for 4.7.6, I’m hoping it is fixed or will be fixed soon.

Workaround example:

Currently working on an inventory system that is based off of the official UMG tutorial and have come to a bit of a problem implementing stack ability of items in the players inventory. Currently when the player picks up an item that they already have in their inventory I hold the stacking count in a variable, remove the original from the inventory array then add the item back into the players inventory with the newly adopted stacking count variable. Now this works fine but I imagine there is a better way to do it. The problem comes when using a stacked item in the inventory I can’t reduce the stack amount.

Basically its just the set member in inventory struct part that doesn’t work (as I think I’m not using the node properly). Is it even possible to edit a variable like this or would I have to do something similar to when I actually add the item (remove it from inventory then add it back again with the new value.)