Editing Graphics Settings for Gameplay

I am struggling to find information on editing the game graphics settings for play, not for the editor (everything seems to show how to optimize the editor!!).

Anyone know where I can change these settings for the production version of the game?

(Trying to optimize the game for VR development)


Check this post;

And this document;

Thanks for the reply, but these scalability configurations dont actually work, they only work in the editor itself.

The problem seems to be that my game does not generate the GameUserSettings.ini file in the ProjectName\Saved\Config area

Ok SO editing
ame_000\Documents\Unreal Projects\EpicTutorial1\Saved\Config\Windows\GameUserSettings.ini

DOES work but only for the Editor…

So still no idea how to get these settings to carry over to the production packaging

Updating this thread for reference;

To sum it up, use the console commands you see in the documentation using blueprints to change settings in game.

Thats brilliant, works like a charm. My impatience got to me today, thanks for enlightening me. Makes sense now, I guess you would call these commands via code when users edit them via a menu.