Editing Enhanced Input plugin source files


I have a question, I have edited the InputAction.h & cpp and the InputMappingContext.h & cpp file directly is this ok to do?
I tried making child classes first but when I create the blueprints in the editor via right click > Input > Input Action or Input mapping context I can’t seem to change the parent class to my new subclass.

Changing the files inside the plugins folder of the engine source code directly works and my new custom functions and variables are usable.
Is there a better way to extend this plugin with my custom code or is this acceptable?
I assume I will also need to copy paste the code manually into the files now every time I download a new engine source, is there a better way?

Thanks a lot!

Turns out I can just do it in a subclass, but I will have to create the blueprints via Miscellaneous > Data Asset instead of with the Input Menu that the plugin creates in the editor.