Editing Default Values of a struct variable in details panel does not work

When working with custom structs, changes you make to default values are not preserved after you compile blueprint.

Win 7 UE 4.6.1


1.Make a struct with some bool values in it.

2.Make a variable of that type in a Blueprint and make it an array.

3.Edit values of struct in details panel of blueprint


5.Values will sometimes fail to save. Once values fail to save they will continue to behave erratically.

Hey ,

I was able to reproduce this, but only in one circumstance: with bool defaults set in Struct, setting them all to false in Blueprint variable and hitting compile will return them all to defaults set in Struct. I wasn’t able to reproduce this with any other type of value or in any other circumstances. Can you confirm that this is what you’re seeing, or if it’s happening in other ways or with other types? Thanks!

I want to say I had issue with a custom enumeration data type as well, but to be sure I will check again when I’m at my workstation. Booleans definitely are where I noticed it though so it does sound like you’ve reproduced what I am seeing.

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this with all other variable types as well. When all values are set to 0 (or False, or default Enum value, etc) in BP struct variable, they will return to Struct’s default values on compile. I have entered a bug report for developers (UE-7817) and I’ll let you know when I see an update. Thanks for report!

I’m having same issue with regards to default struct values; however your solution doesn’t seem to work. Everytime I restart me project value of one of my struct variables (which is set to default to 5) is always zero. This is what both struct and BP implementing it look like when I start editor:

Every time I reload project value in BP struct’s look sensitivity field is set to 0.

Hi DesertEagle,

This appears to be a separate issue, but I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Is struct variable inherited from a parent Blueprint? Which version of engine are you using? Are you able to reproduce this behavior in a new project?

how did you get your struct to display horizontally?!