Editing/Creating new creatures

Haven’t seen this thread yet or seen a tutorial on it yet I’ve seen it on several mods and I have a few questions. I’m totally new to Ark dev kit and I’m trying to create a Dragon mod where the dragons walk on all fours and their winds are on their front legs. How do I begin? I made my way to blueprints but got confused on what and how I create skeletons and blueprints. Please help Id really like see if I can create these Dragons in ark!!! Do I modify an existing one like a qutez or try to eliminate the actual dragons from legs and replace them with wings? If so how?

Creating a model for an NPC is usually done in another 3D program like Blender or Maya (or purchased). You cant just simply modify one in ARK with the Dev Kit. if by saying “I’ve seen it on several mods” and your talking about the Dragon then you are seeing people use the dragon that’s already in ARK maybe?
Sorry if Im misunderstanding your question but if I am reading it right then youv got a long ways to go :wink: