Editing ChildActor in Level

I would like to edit a ChildActor instance of an Actor instance in a level. However, I cannot edit or even select the ChildActor in the World Outliner.
This seems to be a known bug that apparently has never been fixed despite the bug tracker listing it as fixed.

As a concrecte example, imagine the following structure:

DoorSign - A Blueprint Actor with one variable called SignText
Door - A Blueprint Actor which has a DoorSign ChildActor attached to it.

I would like to add several Door instances to the level, but change the SignTexts of their DoorSigns individually.
Through the World Outliner I am unable to do this, as I cannot select the **DoorSign **ChildActor.

I only the see the following solutions currently:

  1. Add a **SignText **variable to **Door **as well and apply the value to its **DoorSign **ChildActor in the ConstructionScript. (doubly code & doubly memory)
  2. Add an individual Blueprint of **Door and DoorSign **for every instance in the level where I edit the Default value of **SignText **(very unviable)

Is there a workaround, a different way of doing it or best practices for this kind of problem? Thank you in advance.