Editing Buildings to have no collision when placing?

I’m trying to edit a few building parts to hae no collision when being place, meaning you can build a wall that clips into a mountain for a truly sealed area, but when I edited everything, in what I though was the proper way when I loaded into the game it crashed, I don’t know where I went wrong. I created children of all the blueprints I wanted to edit, so Metal Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Windows, same for stone, wood, and thatch, then I found the blueprint that controls all the collision and mesh properties, edited that to have no collision when placing, edited the engrams for these items, then remapped them all in the game data. Did I miss a step somewhere, or did I do it all wrong?

So in order to do this you will need to duplicate all the Blue prints you want to have no collision on. After that you need to set them to have no collision, however by doing this players can walk right through your base, you can set it to have it to where pawns and players are the only collision in which case you should be able to place the objects in walls yet still have a secure base. This also brings up a potential exploit where players will be able to hide, say a chest or cabinet, in a wall where it can still be opened but raiders wont be able to find it. So honestly i would just stick with structure walls, floors, ceiling, ect. ect. for that.

Michael Diorio I’m not sure how you edited the collision exactly, but when the objects are created in world space they build their collision when being placed, and if placing them crashed your game it would be likely that they were referencing memory that was either removed or had data they couldn’t handle, I’ve removed collision from the static meshes inadvertently and it does not crash when placing, but you don’t get a raycast response to interact with the objects.

The simplest and neatest way to manipulate clipping through objects/walls would be manipulating the placement hit box areas, you can leave in the snapping options, but there are a couple matrices in the placement section of the structure, in the core blueprint (the 3d model one)

  • Edit lol snapping not clipping

No, I didn’t touch the meshes, I started a new game with my changes to the blueprints and didn’t even get to character select before the crash, sometimes I could see the map load, but I’d be floating in mid air with no character creation window, and would crash soon after. I copied/created a child of the blueprints in the /Game/PrimalEarth/Structures section, Metal, Stone, Wood, and Thatch in my mod folder, I then went into the items category for Structures, created children of those, and remapped the build item to point to the new structure blueprints, I then went into Engrams, and did the same process, finally I remapped the items in my PrimalGameData. Cooked & Uploaded, and went to test, and crashed several times before I came here and sought help for my errors. I’m thinking by including the blueprints from the Structures section, not the item section when I remapped I caused errors, I’m going to do a test and see if that was the problem.

There is an option in the Structures blueprint, the ones that handle collision that have a checkbox that says “Use Placement Collision Check”, the bool for that is bUsePlacementCollisionCheck, and that’s what I unchecked to see if that would work, buyt never got that chance since I crashed upon loading the island, even without a save game.

I’m trying to do something like this mod: Steam Community :: Error but am having no luck.

Where can I edit that “placement hit box” of an structure?