Editing Bosses, and/or Items that are craftable in the supply crates/obelisk

Hello, I’m looking to use my edited/custom bosses in my mod without adjusting anything directly on the map itself(The Island). Ive replaced the PrimalItem in the PrimalGameDataBP and it didnt seem to replace it in game. I havent actually tried warping to the bosses to see if they were replaced, however I was also hoping to get my boss dungeon version that allows any creature also to work along with this. Anything I’m missing that I can do?

Also an update, using the NPC replacement in PrimalDataBP, it did not overwrite the bosses. I used cheats to give myself the tribute items, and warped to the boss. It was definitely the normal Ark variant. Does anyone know how to replace bosses?

You’ll need to do something with the boss teleporters and boss arena managers. That is what tells it which boss to spawn

Can I do something with those without editing the map? I do have edits of the boss teleporters and boss arena managers but I dont see where to remap them.

Not really sure TBH since the boss managers are built into the map.

After doing some testing, the bosses in the supply crates are my version,but the obelisks are not. Perhaps a future devkit update from the devs with an option to replace?