Editing Blueprints means we have to re-save every level that references that blueprint??


So, it seems we have found ourselves in a position where if we edit a blueprint, either by adding new objects or whatever, we then have to go through all the levels in the game that reference that blueprint and re-save the level.
If we don’t, the build will be broken. I’m just trying to get my head around why this would be.
Anyone else experience this at all?

sorry the info is a bit vague but I don’t really have all the info.


Haven’t experienced this yet simply because I haven’t played with multiple levels yet, but I have a simple solution:

There’s a “Save All” button in the File menu.

As to why, my educated guess is that it fails for the same reason a blueprint compile fails if it references another blueprint that hasn’t been compiled - because it’s working off incomplete data.

Sounds to be the correct behaviour to me.