Editing Blendspace Nodes At Runtime?

Hi guys,

My character has an animation blueprint that is derived from my own custom C++ class. Within it, I am using an animation blendspace.

When certain actions occur, I would like to change specific nodes in the blendspace. For example, when in combat, I want to change the idle node in the blendspace without changing the entire blendspace or any other nodes.

Is this possible? It will save me a vast amount of effort and be far more agreeable with the way I have designed the game.

This could be in C++ or in the animation blueprint, because I am using both for the final result


Made a little progress here…

So, in C++ I’ve implemented a few lines that look like this:

auto samples = MovementBlendSpace->GetBlendSamples();
MovementBlendSpace->EditSampleAnimation(samples[2], standardAnim);

where “standardAnim” is of type UAnimSequence*

The problem here is that it seems to break the blendspace. As soon as I edit that sample node, then my character in-game switches to the T-Pose and stays that way until I relaunch the project.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!