Editing animations in version 4.25

I am currently using version 4.25, but the UI is different from the existing one. Is this correct ?

I have seen the official reference, but I was not able to find animation description for version 4.25.

Where can I learn about a new animation editor ?

The screen above is ver 4.14, and the below one is ver 4.25.

These parts correspond in words.

I am confused.

First, old animations editor showed a collection of animation keys that could be editable.
But now, keys are not displayed in version 4.25.

Second, there is a “curve” in the “additional layer track”. in the current version (4.25).
What is the difference from “curve” shown above ?

What is the difference between these ?

When adding to the “additional layer track”, the above “curve” is not necessary. Is this idea wrong ?

Before that, I don’t know the “curve” displayed above “Additional layer track” is related to which object.

Ah, probably the second curve isn’t for joints, but for varying a single parameter…

Probably it will be referenced by curve name and be got the value in the script…