Editing and Replacing an existing Dino

I’m trying to make changes to the default Trike.
Ive successfully changed the spawner,and replaced the Trike using the REMAP category in the primalgamedata.

However the adjusted stats(Health and such) were not changed. I dont see where this blueprint(dinocharacterstatus) is used in the trike_bp.
Where and how do I change the stats on dinosaurs?(Not movement speed)

Any and all help would be great, so any new modders can look upon this thread for this!


It’s under the Components tab (top-right).

You’ll have to either:

  1. Use Copy instead of Child on trike_bp, and then delete the old dinocharacterstatus entry and add your custom one, or;
  2. Use Child on trike_bp, add your custom dinocharacterstatus entry, and make sure that your dinocharacterstatus has its priority set correctly (look at alpha dinos for reference).

Personally, I’ve had better luck with 1).

I tried your #2, added the new dinocharacterstatus entry under the old one(since i cant delete it in the components menu), still didn’t seem to work unless I have to specify somewhere for it to use that one?

Not sure what you meant by priorities

You don’t overtly go into a lot of detail as to how you’re explicitly going about things from the start, but I assume you’ve childed the Trike as you state you cannot delete a component(Childing does this - it locks the original things in only allowing modification of values and additional components).

The priority is why the values are not being reflected correctly. You will find that on the components tab, for the new status component. Just search for priority, it’ll be the only one there most likely. Values higher than 1 will make that the new default.


Yes, this worked, thank you very much.

Hi sorry to jump on your post, I am having the same sort of issue, but I created a new dino based on the another one, I added the Status Component Blueprint file into my mod folder and edited it.
I then went to the character_BP blueprint file and went to Components, I then removed the dinocharacterstatus and went to add component, I looked through the list and cannot find the status file listed from my mod folder, is there a way to add it, if so how please.

Many thanks.