Editing a sound's Pitch and Speed based on an external variable

I am attempting to create a method in UE4 of storing certain settings of a character’s voice externally in an xml file. Initially, I am wanting to store a set pitch and speed which can be read back in when the player approaches this character. Each character will have subtly different setting, the end goal is to have a number of characters that sound different, but utilize the same sound file.

I have been unable to find a way to change a sound’s (or sound cue’s) pitch and/or speed from a variable within a blueprint. Is there a way that I can change a sound’s pitch and speed on the fly as the game is playing?

Please let me know below if you need any clarification or extra information. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.


You have a “Set pitch multiplier” blueprint function, to be applied on the audio component.
Otherwise you can add a Continuous modulator sound node within your Sound Cue, associate it to any parameter name, and change this parameter from the blueprint using the “Set float parameter” function.

However notice that only volume and pitch may be modified this way - if you’re talking about modifying speed without altering the pitch, nothing is provided by UE4.

Also, pitch modification is broken on Android due to the lack of support by Android.

Thank you! That should do fine :slight_smile: