[Edited] Why is my Reality Capture model missing the scanned part?

I created a mesh with Reality Capture and imported it to my project. When I drag it into the world, the size is really small (doesn’t show up in the static mesh editor window), and when I scale it up by 1000, everything is distorted. Anyone have any ideas?

I believe the distorted part is the back side of the model that was not scanned. So, basically, the face of the model that was scanned does not appear.

Edit: Upon further investigation, it seems like the scanned part is just completely gone, and whatever I drag into the world is a mesh that is infinitesimally small and is unclosed. (Look at comment below for more info)

Reality Capture Model

So, small can’t even see it; (BTW - the brown thing is the floor)

[Edit: This is the back side]

Hi yoponchik,
photogrammetry in its basic is without scale. To get a properly sized model you need to scale it before export.

I looked more into it, and it seems that the scanned face of the model doesn’t show up in ue5. The part that is shown in the picture above (3rd picture with the pixelated face) is automatically generated by the Reality Capture app to close up the mesh.

By not showing up, I mean the mesh is just open, as opposed to closed by triangles and polygons.

RC is trying to create the watertight mesh, so I suppose this is why the mesh is closed. But it is possible to delete these closing triangles in the app.

I’m sorry, I may have not been clear with the issue. Excuse my bad English. I meant that the scanned face does not show up and leaves the model as an open mesh. The only part that is visible is back-face of the mesh that is autogenerated by RC.

For example, you know how only one side of a plane mesh is visible? It’s sort of like that.

In RC it looks OK? What format are you exporting? Have you tried open the model also in other mesh viewer?

In RC, it looks fine. It also automatically uploaded the model to SketchFab, and it also looks fine there. It’s only when I download it as an fbx (the original format) to UE5 when it glitches.

It looks fine everywhere else.
Here’s the link to the Sketchfab model, if you want to test it out.
3D model

Hi, I checked in in UE and it looks OK to me:

I imported it with 100 scale and had to just rotate it, as firstly I saw the back of the model. Basically it is the same as you showed:

Thank you! That seems to fix it.

For anyone with a similar issue, changing the Import Uniform Scale up by a lot seems to fix it.

Quick question unrelated to the issue: how did you import the model with the material already applied? I always seem to have to create the material and connect the textures on my own.

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