(Edited post) Teach a beginner how to use Unreal Engine.

I am looking to make a small project and I need help with how Unreal works. The goal is to just make a small instance of a third-person RPG. I have lots of coding experience, but I need help with someone walking me through how one would do things in Unreal. Things like, pressing a button to have my character do an animation, implementing click-to-move, setting up the UI, how to import characters and set them up. Basic stuff.

I want to do as much of it as possible in c++, so it would be good if you had a lot of experience with that in addition to blueprints.

We can talk about the pricing. We would be video chatting/screen sharing for this.

You cannot do it all C++

…and you don’t want too.

thanks ill change it a bit then

Have you checked out the Epic LEARN link above? More specifically the Programming Guide?