Editable variables in the view port not affecting BP with Skeletal mesh?

My enemy has a trigger that makes him head towards the character, but I wanted different trigger box transforms depending on when and where. Considering I have NO idea how to copy a BP with an animation BP attached because it doesn’t work at all, I’d just make a second by duplicating…but that doesn’t work and I’m not sure how to get around that.
But the construction script was probably a better way any way. Get the Box component set it\s world transform. and set that to a variable. make it editable, tooltip, etx.
So it’s in the panel on the view port now. But sometimes when I edit it on one of them the trigger box just sisnt there…
Actually its lie, All of the skeletons all ready on the map could have the box adjusted…any added to the map afterwards do NOT work…
Is there something I may be missing? Or does someone have an idea how I should be doing this??

I’m getting a lot of bugs out of these skeletal meshes when they are in a character P anyway…
Can someone please tell me what I should do??
I\d like to have a couple different versions of the enemy but making a copy of a BP that has a rigged BP with it seems to not work at all. …??

Heyo AttemptD,

I’m not quite following what is happening with your project. It would be really helpful if you could send us your project with some specific steps on what you’re trying to do. If you don’t feel comfortable giving a link out publicly, you can PM me on the forums with a link.

Yes I’ll send a link Tomorrow first thing.I really just want to Use more than one copy of a BP. If I set two emery BP’s on the map they both work and animate and all. But if I DUPLICATE the BP in the content browser so I can make a few changes THEN the animation on the new BP do not work. I understand they are nothing coming from the same animation BP but…Is there a way i can achieve this?

When you say you duplicate the BP in the content browser, are you saying that you are duplicating an AnimationBlueprint or a standard Blueprint? We are going to try and figure this out together, but this could very well be unexpected behavior. I just need to reproduce it here before we move forward. Thank you for your patience on this.

Ok thank you. I’ll have it ready tomorrow early uploaded and ready to go. I’ll send it to your PT if that’s ok.
Thanks again.

O apologize for the wait. It’ll be in ur PM later today. My apologies.

My apologies again. i actually had been trying to figure it out to stop from taking up anyone’s time.
I’ve solved most things but 1 problem is still there. i just CANNOT duplicate a BP that has a skeletal mesh component that is attached to an Animation BP. If I duplicate that BP it does everything its supposed to BUT there are no animations happening with him.

I don’t know if you still want me to upload the project. I can. But I’ve almost got it figured out. I REALLY appreciate your time, I just enjoy playing with this project a lot and enjoy the challenge of solving the problems. :slight_smile:
If I should still upload I will, but once again it’s down to one problem.
Duplicating a Character BP. When I do it, the duplicated BP DOES NOT animate. Does that clarify the problem I’m having?? I’m trying to explain it as detailed as possible just in case it’s a ample fix.

I believe all you have to do is go into the components, go to the skeletal mesh and re set the anim BP to the one you want. Set it to nothing, compile, play, then set it the correct one, compile, play. I’ve had a similar bug before that was specific to a single BP

unfortunately that isn’t working…
I attempted clearing all of it’s information connected to the anim BP or the and it’s still showing no animations in game play

Hey AttemptD,

We really appreciate it when a user goes the extra mile to try and resolve an issue themselves, but this really does sound like it’s a bug. I would definitely still like to get your project so that we can reproduce it locally and get a bug in. That way other users don’t have to jump through hoops to find workarounds like you are having to.



Yes sir. Without question. I’m uploading to my media fire now and the link will for you soon. Thank you again.

I’m sorry i was having trouble with the PM. Here is a link to the meidafire link with the project.

the project itself was quite large to so I created a new one simple and added the correct assets and tried it again and I get the same problem anyway. So this will do I’d say and it will be easier.

On the example map there will be two enemies, a Spider and a , I’m far from a pro…I’ve never used game developing software before and I’m six months in so…bare with me…

I’m trying to duplicate either of these enemies but the animations will not work in the duplicated ones.

I’m honestly having a Few problems with it all but…it should be ok… you’ll see I’m using a gun pack from the marketplace but you’ll also see the particle system firing in the wrong direction sometimes…I DO NOT know how to fix that…or if its a bug in the product but that’s another issue.

ANYWAYS!! Inside of a folder names Alpha 2 Demo there should be folders, one name skeletal meshes will have the enemies inside but i’m sure you’ll find all of it, that’s why I place the two enemy BP types in the world. I’d like to be able to have multiple versions of both of them AND more but this is as far as I’ve gotten.
If there’s any trouble or questions ill stay available just in case. thank you so much for trying to help me!!!

Hey AttempD,

So when something like this happens, it’s usually a good idea to use the debug filter option to see exactly what’s happening in realtime to a BP in your game.

After you PIE, you can select an instance from the debug filter dropdown to see exactly how the BP Instance in the level is interacting with the AnimBP.

So after I duplicated Skeleton_Enemy_BP and placed Skeleton_Enemy_BP_2 in the level, I selected the instance of Skeleton_Enemy_BP_2 from the debug filter dropdown. I noticed that the signal from Event Blueprint Update Animation (in the AnimBP Event Graph) was not making it past your Casting node.

When you duplicate a BP, it is essentially not associated with the original version. So the AnimBP is trying to cast to Skeleton_Enemy_BP when we need it casting to Skeleton_Enemy_BP_2

We can get around this in one of two ways.

  1. Also create a duplicate of the AnimBP and have that cast to your new BP instead. Orrrrrr…

  2. Make a child of the Skeleton_Enemy_BP instead of a duplicate. You can do this by right clicking the BP in the Content Browser and choosing “Create Blueprint based on this”.


It will use your Skeleton_Enemy_BP as the Parent Class of the Skeleton_Enemy_BP_Child. Casting to Skeleton_Enemy_BP(now the Parent) will also cast to it’s children.

Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:


You are an absolutely amazing person. I’m serious.
this opened my eyes on a few things, until now I never used the debugging…this is an extensive tool and I can only imagine the future help this will be.

I made a child of the BP as you said and everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. This was an astonishing amount of knowledge for me.

Thank you forever and ever. Epic, , you are incredible.

Just FYI, your response kinda made my day

Well deserved good sir. WELL deserved.