Editable variable using add child actor component


I’m currently using an ‘add child actor component’ then a ‘set child actor class’ in a construction script to spawn in blueprint actors from an ‘actor class’ array within a parent blueprint.

I was wondering if there is a way to pass the editable variables from the child actors to the main blueprints details panel?

So for example if I have a parent blueprint spawn in a few light fitting blueprints and the light fitting blueprint has an editable colour for the light. I cant access this variable unless the light fitting blueprint isn’t within the parent blueprint group.

The actor that the parent will spawn will change so I cant set it up with anything specific.

Is it possible to change this child actors variable?

Hello Tocs,

This is something that is currently entered as a feature request to be added but is currently not possible. Unfortunately it may be a while until this is added. For your reference, the feature request’s number in our system is UE-16474 in case you need to ask about it’s progress.

This sort of thing would be most appreciated. Currently it is super hard to make reusable components that can be attached to actors using Blueprints. If you parent them off of anything besides Actor (like from SceneComponent) they don’t have a lot of their functionality exposed through the Blueprint system. But if you parent them from actor you have to attach them with a child actor component and you can’t set any of their properties at design time.

For the lazy Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-16474)