Editable terrain in game?

Anyone know if it is possible to have editable terrain while in game for Unreal 4? Basically to have the ability to push the terrain up and down in areas as part of the game.


You can’t do this using the Landscape built into UE4.

What you’re probably looking for is a some sort of voxel system… with marching cubes algorithm to smooth it out.
It’s not super hard if you know what you’re doing. But if you’re not into C++, you’re **** out of luck.

Voxels are overkill if you really only want to push the terrain up and down. If you want to create caves, overhangs etc. though, Rasped is right.

Can you push landscape up and down?

And during runtime?

yeah you can watch everquest next landmark to have a clear idea of what the voxel system is capable of

We are discussing whether voxels are needed or not for deformable Landscape.

But Everquest Next has a killer voxel engine, that’s for sure. It’s been almost singlehandedly developed by one man.
He did the voxel logic alone, the mesh building over the voxel and a shitload of other stuff alone… then licensed it to them, and EQ put another graphics engine on top of his work.

Awesome thanks for the ideas. I’m not exactly trying to make caves, only move it up and down but a voxel system seems like the way to go then.

@Redsett - voxel is going to be a big undertaking, probably.

You can likely do what you want with the terrain - go look at how it does it for the editor, and start there. Almost certainly will need C++ though.

waw thanks for the informations i just visited his website i think it would be possible to license it in unreal engine

Would be awesome if Epic licensed it and wove it into the engine!

Heres a walkthrough

I’m going to be working with this too. Let me know if you’re looking for collaberation!

What is with voxelmesh? U can easyly manipulate any voxel created whiles the runtime. Its a…no wait THE perfect Terrain mesh!

If a dynamic / procedural landscape system was to show up on the marketplace it’d be popular… Based on prior posts there’s big-demand for a flexible terrain system (“No Man’s Sky” etc). Clearly some devs are working on it, but Epic seems strangely indifferent, puzzling…

I know, I think they would make a lot of money. everyone seems to want to make a survival sandbox game these days, (including myself,) so I have to agree that Unreal should implement this somehow in the game engine. I would think they could probably take the code from the landscape editor, do a little tweaking, and make it so you can edit it in the game. It can’t be that hard when you have all of the programmers.

Come on Unreal

I think this is a good start. Has anyone had luck with adjusting the heightmap alone in runtime and having the collision update with it?

Looking into this now. Any solutions?