Editable Railing Tutorial ?: Variable length ETC

I would like to do something like the “editable railings” in my levels, but instead of railings, I want tables with variable amounts of chairs around the table, I also might want variable table sizes.

how might I go about creating assets like this ?

I would also like to have a variable number of tables in a certain area, with variable spacings between tables…

You can see an example of this technique in the following video

There are examples of that in Content Examples project. You can use the Fence blueprint there and build on top of that.

okay, Thank you Jacky ! I found it… :slight_smile:

Now how might I use an “array” instead of a mesh when replacing “meshes” to spawn as I drag the manipulator ?

and how might I still be able to change the number of meshes in those arrays, even after pulling along a row of them using the manipulator/ fence thing ?

cause this would work amazingly for my purposes !!!

I assume I will edit the BP_Fence… and somehow, relink an array to where the mesh node is currently ?

any advice to edit the BP will be MUCH appreciated !

also… I see that the 1.1 example using a construction script to populate an area with meshes can be edited on the fly… but I can populate an area with ARRAYS too ?

and how might I keep the populated meshes in rows etc ?

all this must be able to be done via the BP…

how might I do all of the above ? I do not know BP too well but can surely learn quickly…

Actually a spline would work as well.

Array consists of meshes you want to spawn, and the number of meshes is calculated by dividing the distance between start and end point to a set mesh length, and then placing each mesh at a set distance from each other. I’ve actually made a whole street system based on that Fence BP that spawns buildings, roads, sidewalks and street lights as you drag the end point and i’m not great at blueprints, so it is quite easy really. Just play around with the fence BP’s variable values and try to figure out what does what, then turn it into what you want to achieve.

A spline object in UE4 does exactly the same thing only you can adjust it in real time in the viewport. In other words you can make a spline, duplicate an object along that spline and THEN define AND re-define where that spline goes an infinite number of times. 1 spline and 1 tube (with say a support beam that reaches the floor) could surround and entire level as a railing and you can constantly update it as the level changes as opposed to having an array that travels along the x-axis - then a corner - then an array along the y-axis - then a corner - then an array along the z-axis.

Well you can’t JUST use a spline; you need to use a spline which spawns a corresponding set of spline meshes.

But I do exactly this to make grind rails, a hand rail would be basically the same thing.

The OP wants to make tables and chairs so i think a simple BP like the fence one would be the quickest solution.