Edit variables of other blueprints


I have a problem with editing variables on other blueprints. I want the Raptor blueprint to edit a variable on my custom widget. In the Raptor’s event graph I did this:
The variable HealthPercentage is a variable in the Widget blueprint. After I play in the editor it says: ‘Accessed none widget’. Why is it so hard to edit variables on other blueprints, in always did it like this in my own UE project, but here it doesn’t work.

How do I do this correctly?

I hope to hear anything soon.

What is the best way for communication between blueprint? Because casting doesnt work.

For these essentials I recommend checking out some Unreal Engine tutorials.

i don see any casts or attempts to edit other variables across blueprints in that example.

In the Widget variable my variable type is my modded widget. The variable HealthPercent is a variable inside the widget. If I type ‘Cast to’ in the Event Graph search option, I don’t see any options, so I can’t cast. I used this method: Direct Blueprint Communications | Unreal Engine Documentation (The first option) The only thing is in my Widget variable the variable type is the modded widget, but I can’t set the variable in the default, it says None. I think this is the problem. Let me know if this is right and how I must change it. Or if you need screenshots.

Ohh casting does work, but only if you drag it out of a variable. Sorry for being so stupid.

I did the casting like this in my widget blueprint. I always fails, even if the Raptor_PAD is spawned in the world. The Raptor_PAD is a child of the Dino variable. Why does it always fails?