Edit variables in Content Browser Blueprints with a Blutility

Hi, I have a 300 blue prints (pawns if matters) in the content browser.

I need to a blutility that can set pre-set a bunch of variables (references to DataAssets),
The problem is that the “static blutility” ( inherit from Global Editor Blutility Base), is not able to reference the stuff in content browser as “references” but it can access only to “classes” and dataAssets.

Since the 300 blueprints are not dataAssets, how can I edit their default values In editor?

Did you find a way to solve your problem? I had the same thought and am still searching for a way to do this. If you got any further I’d be happy to hear from you :wink:

pretty sure it cant be done. if your attempting to set a similar value then thats when you should be using inheritance. for example if you have 300 pawns that your trying to set default health then you could have them all be children of a common npc class which has a health variable.