Edit Thread Title

How could i edit a Thread Title?


Edit post -> go advanced -> change it :slight_smile:

Great work fighter5347. Just beat me by a couple secs.

Somehow its not working…

Hmm pretty strange. When you tell me the titel that you want to have, I could change it for you :slight_smile:

I can change the titel of my threads, but probably this is because I’m a moderator ^^ Have you clicked onto save changes?

No, this doesn’t work. It changes the title above the post in the topic - but that’s useless. It needs to change the name of the actual topic.

In my case it changes everything ;):


Because you are a Mod :frowning: Could you change the title of the thread?


So shall I change the title of this thread: to [Royalty] Realistic Military Multiplayer Simulation ?

Well, then get the web developer to enable this feature for everyone because it is required.

Yeah, it would be good to know if that’s a bug or if they want it to be like that