Edit ThirdPersonCharakter Hitboxes (Collision)

Hello. I’m new in unreal and sorry for my bad english.
I tried to add new collision boxes to my actor for a linetrace shooter.
my first problem is that the new collision capsules are preventing my actor from going in to the ground.
i googled a bit how i can attach a capsule to a moveable charakter bone (Head) but i cant add a socket.


The Main Collision / Root component that your mesh is attached to should control where they go…so the First in the list in your Blueprint should handle the movement…It in 95% of the cases is best to leave as a large capsule around your whole character as a cheap estimate of your characters collision…But if you wanted the character to go into the ground there’s two ways…first move just the Skeletal mesh into the ground but adjusting the Relative location…it’d be the Negative Z in it’s location vector…it would leave the Root Large Collision Capsule in place but the mesh would go under…this is good if you wish to return the Skeletal Mesh back to the center shortly after…
But if you want to ignore the ground completely and move the entire actor just adjust the Collision Channel on the Main Collision Capsule to Ignore (likely) World Static…it tends to be that channel blocking the ground…You’d just be looking for what channel is blocking you and setting it to ignore…or just ignore all…either way it’ll fall through the floor then…