Edit The Island

Hey there!

First of all; sorry for my english, its bad :]

I am new with the dev kit. I want to rebuild or edit the Island map. Want to add some little spots and flatten some.

Is there a “mini tutorial” to do this? Dunno what i am doing wrong. I load the Level “The Island” and edit the Landscape and the bushes, trees, etc.

After this i save it into a new mod folder and cook as a map (only choose “The Island” umap to cook). But the output folder is empty. Just the Mod files are in there.

So i put in the levels to my folder and upload to steam. After downloading, i choose the edited map as my map in the single player, but i dont see my changes :frowning:

Any Ideas / Tips?

Thank u :]

Greetings Andy

I’m not a pro of the DevKit but I know to use it (casual)
New folder on Mod, then you have to select it on the cookmenu but select cook map
The Island if you talk about the main map, you have to copy all the fils of the map A1,…
Then you can modify it (you can watch some tutorials on the internet) but take care some level can take 1 hour to load


I have a Mod Folder . I put’ in all the files from the island. A1,B1,landscape,… etc

Then i edited the landscape. Save all. Test in the Editor and works fine. And thats it, when i wanna cook it and upload to steam, the map works but without my edit :frowning:

when you cook your map, you put right name ? (if yes, try to rename your map)

now i have another problem. when i rename the map, i have to cook 60000 shaders. after that i have to cook 40000 more shaders and so on…

This means it’s actually cooking it out then. For your first time cooking out a map, it will have to compile/cook all the shaders initially. From my understanding, it shouldn’t need to cook those same shaders again after this. Only if you are updating sections of the map with new paint should you need to compile more shaders & it should only be for the sections of landscape you update.

okay. but the problem is; i cook 30000 shaders. after this is done, it will cook 60000! shaders again… :frowning:

Because image, you just cook an entire map, how many meshes, items and more are cooked, for the valhalla map its take more than 20min to cook when you just change one rock because you want to correct a bug.

At the end of the progress; It say: Fmemory bla too big larger then 2 GB Landscape Sublevel. But the Sublevel is Just 386 MB.

editing the big map needs a lot of rescources. so to speak a really fast computer.
also, many(!) things can go wrong.
it seems like map editing is going to be much easier with the next update, as you can modify only small parts of the map.

ya, saw it too :slight_smile: i ll try with 227