Edit text widget dynamically

Hi everyone, I post this today because I’ve a problem with my widget.

I want display the name of my entity above his head, but I don’t know how to modify this text with a variable (a string)

Can you tell me how to process?


PS: sorry for my bad english.

are you using a 3D Widget?

Yes I use it

Here is a solution

Thank you, I didn’t see the “set text” function

can you post a pic of your bp

my bp look like your, I said that before your answer I didn’t see it, now it’s ok
But a last question, how to process to just have one bp for my entity and modify name and other value directly in editor

Make your variable Editable to be able to change value in the edito for each instance


Thank men you save me :slight_smile:

Hello, can you post the structure of your “MyWG” blueprint? Is this still working on UE4.10+? I can’t find the “SetText” block anywhere…