Edit Terrain at runtime?

Is there any way to edit a terrain at runtime ?, e.g. rivers roads n such, like bsp brushes.

this guy figured it out

wish I knew more but that’s a place to start.


There’s a couple of voxel based things available that are similar to the above.

I’m working on a system that’s instead closer to World Machine (in that you can generate landscapes, but also edit them at run time), but it’s quite a few weeks away from going public.

Sounds interesting… When you do, think about posting here too…
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So, at the moment it’s only voxel ? What about saving the level ?

Cheers. I cleared out my inbox now - it gets full really quickly, since every time I ban a spambot it automatically sends a PM.

How did that thing go? Did you continue with it? I’m looking for something that allows me to create/modify landscapes in realtime using heightmap textures, so far I haven’t found anything. I tried to use “Landscape Import Heightmap from Render Target” node and works well in editor, but in realtime it crashes.