Edit SplinePoints added in Blueprint

I have a problem with Spline.

I want to add SplinePoint in Blueprint and then edit this Spline Point it in Editor. But UE4 doesn’t allow this action.
So can I create this with c++?

The purple spline is not editable… how can I change that?

Directly modifying BP generated spline points in the editor is not possible,
what you could do is create a Transforms array with the “Show 3D Widget” option enabled as well as a bool “HandEdit” state variable.


Generate your spline, initialize the Transforms array to the location of the spline points once (after enabling “HandEdit” mode)
and finally setting the spline points to the location values in the transforms array.
Because you can edit the transforms directly in the editor this allows you to modify spline points that were generated in BP.

Here’s the complete BP for reference

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This isn’t exactly what I want but this trick could be useful. THANK YOU

My code is the same as yours but no transforms are appearing on my spline point positions? Is that because of I’m sitting on a newer version?

Make sure “Hand Edit” is a public bool variable and set to “true”