EDIT: SOLVED- Reimporting Tiled Weightmaps

This was easier for me to explain in a brief video than by typing, so I’m just going to link the video where I explain the problem I am having:

I discovered what the problem is. The tooltip is correct (counter-intuitively.) I will upload a sample weightmap that I exported from the engine alongside the world composition overview.
The weightmaps are arranged in strips 1 tile X by 3 tiles Y. Screenshot will show what I mean. So I have to just edit the exports to match.


I discovered what I was confused about.
The current number of tiles that you have loaded determine the heightmap/weightmap resolution needed to import.
So I had 3 tiles loaded while trying to paint layers to blend them. If I had just unloaded two of the tiles (the highest and lowest on Y) I would’ve been able to reimport the layer as I had originally designed it at 505x505.
I didn’t realize maps would be updated based upon currently loaded tiles until now. Good to know.

You could also right click a tile a choose re-import to reload the initial source…