edit skeletal mesh

how to fix the holes in the skeletal mesh?
I have a Blender morph animation but trying to fix and reimport only gives a completely messed up mesh and I don’t remember how I’ve exported this almost ok mesh.

PS: cannot attach a screenshot forum seems broken right now

-post a pic of your problem → e.g on gdrive,… (when you post one into the forum, you have to make sure that you are under 2mb + use jpg + use a lower resolution) :slight_smile:
-which 3d program do you use?
-do you get any import errors?

Still broken, I cannot post images.
no errors but it looks ****, the mesh is totally messed up apart that older one. A morph/shape key animation, any ideas on how to import/export such?

Normally you just have to export them as an ordinary fbx file → when you import it, make sure to enable “import morph targets”
How do you reimport the mesh? → what happens when you just import it into a new folder?
Could you post some more information about your mesh → how have you created the rigg, the animations,… + which blender vesion do you use? (the latest one should work fine with the UE4)

Just upload the image on gdrive, dropbox or any similar sites :slight_smile:

So I’ve uploaded to tinypic.
The first shows the holes in the mesh. Now after downloading the latest Blender that’s still the same but no animations. Hence I’ve tried like the second screenshot but I’ve
300 shape keys.-
1: So the mesh is still broken
2: with the latest Blender no animation at all
What to do? Thanks